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Between Rivers of Babylon - Nga Sevdije Rexhepi

For a Moment

For a moment
You stopped by
We shook hands
Talked about my land
For a moment
I smile to you
I gave you a friendly hug
We shared memories
For a moment
We realized
Together we are
Forever thankful
For the same blue sky
We share.


Sitting at the seaside
Like a spoiled child
Watching the endless sky
Begging the Sun to come down
And swim with me
The sea beautiful and blue
Comes slowly
Easily, towards me
Opening its wavelet arms
Embracing me tenderly
I, the mermaid
Give myself to waves
The sailor
He don’t know me, I don’t know him
Jumps, to save my precious Dream!

Postoi Shefqet Dibrani


27/09/2010, 09:01:43 Drita shkruan:

Thank you for lovely verses, i wish you further success and i wish we could have more verses from you! -

28/09/2010, 07:21:06 sevdije shkruan:

Thanks Drita for the wishes, readers are those who gives us wings... -

10/03/2011, 12:02:40 Landa shkruan:

E dashur Sevdije,

Sapo mabrova se lexuari poezite e tua ne shqip tek linku i meposhtem qe me dergove. Your word is very powerful in english as well,

U kenaqa dhe te falenderoj pa mase. Stay safe, and keep writing, -

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