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Conflict with themselves and the search for European identity of Albanians

10. 06. 2009 by Gjon Keka


(Translation 90% - by google) Culture, spiritual, political or any nation, especially people with tradition and with the age of maturity leads to profound responsibility, cultural, political, social, economic, etc..

The new national and international prospect of the Albanian nation

08. 06. 2009 by Gjon Keka


(Translation 90% - by google) While Democratic nations and peoples and civilized infratrukturën have managed to build their national and international, nations and peoples in the Balkans is still living with the past and primtivizmin their nacionalizmave the dire and extreme. So, the Balkan countries have remained hostage to internal conflicts and wars and inter pre doctrines of the dark history and failed to scrap it.

Daltonism of Kosovo policy

21. 05. 2009 by Gjon Keka


(Translation 90% - by google) Starting from the essence, form and manner the interior of a modern and democratic state, Kosovo hints unformed as a good, non-functional, and extremely dangerous for the future of its people.

Policy of knowledges and international laws

28. 04. 2009 by Gjon Keka


(Translation by google - 90%) The problem of scrutny state of Kosovo presents a difficult case for reconsideration of some basic attributes of law and international relations, such as these; the right to self-determination, recognizing the right of a state, the principle of sovereignty of states, the principle legal equality etc..

Battle of Kosovo in International Court

19. 04. 2009 by Gjon Keka


(Translation - 90% by google) Since the proclamation of Kosovo as scrutiny internationally state, about a year before, and after learning of democracy and state building, Kosovo is still facing the battle of legality and historical identity, sovereignty, integrity and territorialitetit of ti.

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