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It looks like the scheme of the media

14. 05. 2009 by Vëzhguesi


It seems like the same scheme that brought down the Nano, but at the end did not return any result at all. Nano then charged extensively by the media as a corrupted and thief, but after the fall from the power, was not raised any proceedings against him, and none of his associates were penalised.

How Berisha made Durrsaks ''stupid''

02. 05. 2009 by Vëzhguesi


Kavajs' have an expression, for Durrsaks, somewhat racist. They say: "Durrsak stupid work a week and eat a pan." It seems, according to kavajs', durrsaks get full with less, do not require a lot...; this perhaps could be the direct interpretation of the phrase in question.

As a representative of Kavaja for some consecutive terms, Berisha should have heard this phrase, and I believe has now put it in practice. See eg who heads key ministries in the country. Interior minister: Bujar Nishani; Minister of Defense: Gazmend Oketa; Transport Minister: Sokol Olldashi - three Durrsaks.

Argita as Nexhmie, is leading the state

21. 04. 2009 by Vëzhguesi


In an interview several weeks ago, to the German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung", Berisha said, "Nexhmie was the mentor of Enver in the last his 15 years of life. She had the real power..."

Supreme Court ''burns''Basha

12. 04. 2009 by Vëzhguesi


(Translation 90% - by google) Judges who judged Basha case in the High Court, and decided in unanimity against his criminal proceedings, probably were orinted by the "high". This because, at least 3 by 5 members of the criminal judge in question are not Berisha line, and yet they decided to "favor" of Berisha. This means that "darling" has been given phony, not real. Why, question?

''To take the evil of comrade...''

01. 04. 2009 by Vëzhguesi


At a party congress or conference of Enver Hoxha's time, some years'80, when Mehmet Shehu had just killed himself, and "hostile group" of his was arrested, Enver Hoxha declared that this group of "enemy" seek to eliminate physically "party leader of the state." As someone from the hall responded loudly: "To take the evil of comrade Enver "..., and Enveri said:" Bravo...".

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