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(Do not) trust of the Constitutional Court!

19. 04. 2009 nga Hamdi Nuhiju

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(Translation 90% - by google) In the Republic of Macedonia, the country which has always hapëruar problems and challenges that have surprised many people these days also occurred in a quaint Among the many decisions that are taken in this country. This small country which was once part of a system disbeliever, years tries to become part of large families of European and Western democracy. This small country which was once Bishti leonine Yugoslavia, now has turned into a play in halting xhunglën called Balkans. These transition years have transformed this country in an experiment actions of foreign forces which have always asked that this be made lejleku cut wings. Was the long period of darkness and ateizmi in this country. With the arrival of democratic system on paper not changed disbeliever system, but was vëndu a mask which is dalngadalë fold decisions in light of the constitutional court.
Nikola Gruevski's government, we can say that the law brought the best that has ever brought any government of this country in connection with the deployment of mësimbesimit in all primary schools in the Republic of Macedonia. This law which was approved in Parliament on first glance and is very productive and visible to benefit the citizens of this country for which not doubt. But with the decision of the Constitutional Court for not acceptance of this law, can say that this whole theater is a deliberate trap from different structures of this country.

In connection with these actions I have six assumptions which may not be accurate, but are not to be was hudhur below.
Assumption of first-party VMRO-DPMNE party has always been a "religious", which has sought to restore the Orthodox believers in their faith and to laicizuar to build a bridge connecting with their Serbian brothers and Bulgarian. While on stage the other Macedonian SDSM party was strong, she had left the scene just by way of the Church and "religjiozitetit" VMRO-DPMNE. But the interests of major powers have Orthodox oriented structure that VMRO-DPMNE to harm the interests of the Albanian population in the country.

The second assumption-Nikola Gruevski rejtingun to boost his and his party, acting on emotions and feelings of the Orthodox faithful of this country. It strengthened its position in this country by promises of a rich cultural life and in this element lancoi the law mësimbesimit through schools of this country. In a possible deal with the Constitutional Court (this is conjecture), has sought to achieve this scenario m `was through this way. Not accidentally the Constitutional Court was following the election of the new president of Macedonia, Georgi Ivanov, who is from the ranks of the party of Nikola Gruevski.

The third assumption, the constitutional court's decision may be Nikola Gruevski's alibi for missing movement, the new theologian among some Muslims and Christians in Bitola and in Cair. Nikola Gruevski's government sees the move as dangerous for the state and related structures that international experts under this government they intended to or elimination of workplace democracy against Euro-Atlantic interests.
Assumption of the Constitutional Court as the fourth-hakmerrje Nikola Gruevski's government, which does not ask for no feelings of the citizens of this country find methods on how to stop this government from the construction of Churches and crosses in each corner of this country.
Assumption fifth-Nikola Gruevski through the constitutional court wants to promote sociologist, psychologist and professor, who will learn the history of civilizations and the inalienable mësimbesimin not have to provide qualified theologian.

Assumption of six-Through the Constitutional Court against this law and law for the addition of natalitetit of this country, and obtaining desired current government of this country only with these problems, forgetting other elements of its citizens. In this way it continues the fight against the constitutional court and the benefits in time restore public opinion towards this very essential problem of every citizen of this country. At the moment that gets rejtingu Nikola Gruevski and his government can expect that they would surrender this battle of the constitutional court.
The hope that none of these six assumptions is not true. Mësimbesimi is necessary for this country in these times of breaking fragile morale and increasing degjenerimit. Not to be calculated in this law and that such actions become anti-urban.

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