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How Berisha made Durrsaks ''stupid''

02. 05. 2009 nga Vëzhguesi

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Kavajs' have an expression, for Durrsaks, somewhat racist. They say: "Durrsak stupid work a week and eat a pan." It seems, according to kavajs', durrsaks get full with less, do not require a lot...; this perhaps could be the direct interpretation of the phrase in question.

As a representative of Kavaja for some consecutive terms, Berisha should have heard this phrase, and I believe has now put it in practice. See eg who heads key ministries in the country. Interior minister: Bujar Nishani; Minister of Defense: Gazmend Oketa; Transport Minister: Sokol Olldashi - three Durrsaks.

But not only so, Berisha also selected from the Durres the general prosecutor, Ina Rama, thinking (perhaps) that would command as above-mentioned, but she came out of the hands ... (probably she is by Kavaja).

Do you remember parliamentary commission against former Attorney General Theodhori Sollaku. Chairman of that committee was again a Durrsak, Ferdinand Xhaferaj. And today, this gentleman, who may fulfill 100% the above expression fo Kavajs', is chairman of the parliamentary commission of inquiry against Edi Rama.

Interesting is the fact that during the first mandate of Berisha governing (1992-1997), the role of today's Durrsaks was played by Dibrans. They were used as "cannon fodder", and then deserted dispersed "as the corvine birds" around the world, after his fall by the power - while Berisha did not get any " spine in the walking." In fact, the dibrans were used (abused) also by Zogu during his rule, but it seems Berisha does not have the smartness of the former Albanian King.

While with Durrsaks he is copying Esat PashaToptani, as it is known, he used (abused) Durrsaks during his rule, but at the end he suffered itself, not Durrsaks. And perhaps here lies the difference between Durrsaks and Dibrans. The latter burn themselves when involved with the power, while the the first burn the leader, not themselves ... Let's see what would happen this time with Berisha.

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